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Vision Workshop

A Vision is about DIRECTION


The purpose of a Vision is to act as a "north star" for a team. So everyone can move in an aligned direction.

Where and how our business can best create long-term value (mutually beneficial with customers/constituents)

Key objectives

  1. Narrowing down which problems are worth solving

  2. Come up with potential solution ideas

  3. Deciding which ideas to pursue (which lead toward the shared direction)

  4. Prevent disagreements and competing ideas 

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Sample Vision Statements


“To be the most creative organization in the world”

Step 1

Business Head / CEO

Writing a Vision Statement

The first step in a vision exercise is to understand how to craft a Vision Statement.

An effective vision provides a sense of purpose on how the organization creates value and how individuals can contribute..


Ensure you have thought through the following
Ensure you include

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Step 2


Conducting the Workshop

Introducing the activity

  • Explain that this vision will help the team move in the same direction with future activities

  • Introduce "How to write a Vision"


Write multiple ideas

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Step 3



  • Participants are allowed to vote on their own stickies

  • You can give people more than one vote if you feel there are too many stickies on the board


Ensure you have finished all tasks below

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Step 4


Final Decision


  • One person in the group should play the role of the Decider (read Using a Decider )

  • This should be the person who has real accountability for the direction of the team/project e.g. Project director, team leader,


The decider should

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