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theboardiQ Board Readiness Path

theboardiQ, a B2B Enterprise early stage startup, recently introduced

The value proposition includes the following unique features:

  1. Personalized, Self-paced, Contextual: the programs are completely customizable based on your unique personal skills, knowledge and experience. It can be done at your place, your pace, your time!

  2. Case Studies, Social Groups, Quizzes, Certification: theboardiQ has created relevant and targeted content with case studies, social groups for community learning and sharing, as well as simple quizzes leading up to certification by theboardiQ Academy.

  3. Top Universities: Online programs for all the Board Skills, are from leading MOOCs (Coursera), Universities and Institutions (WEF, UN etc)

  4. Free: the best value proposition of the board readiness path, is that 95% of the programs are free!

Process Methodology

Sign up and become a member to access theboardiQ Board Readiness Path

Step 1: Do a Self Assessment — Lets do it!

Step 2: Assess Board Role Fit — In order to ascertain the best recommendation for your Board Readiness Path, browse core skills in the tickers below, that match with your own experience (Glass Lewis Method)

Step 3: Optimize by relevance: Based on the above insights and self assessment, make your own customized self paced board readiness path. The modules have assessments / quizzes that will help determine your skill enhancement after the relevant training, leading to certification by theboardiQ Academy

1. Financial Accounting | Audit

Your track record of experience related to a financial / accounting background that may meet regulatory requirements to be deemed a “Financial Expert”.

2. Finance | Capital Allocation

Your track record of experience related to understanding of finance and financial reporting processes, and awareness of strategies to ensure accurate and compliant reporting as well as robust financial controls.

3. Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Your track record of experience in overseeing, managing, and mitigating risks, including cybersecurity, regulatory compliance. intellectual property, and customer management; and an understanding of how to assess and develop strategies to address environmental and social issues.

4. Real Estate

Proven track record of building relationships with city officials and town planners. Subject matter expertise in real estate planning, land use planning, building construction/ engineering, civil engineering, architecture / landscape architecture.

5. Business Ethics and Compliance

Your track record of experience in corporate integrity, conflict of interest, confidentiality and data protection, prevention of bribery, ethical marketing and fair competition, corporate social responsibility — health and safety and fair labour.

6. Technology and Systems

Your track record of experience in leveraging software technology to solve customer issues, proficiency in commercializing disruptive innovations and developing innovative business models, and knowledge of digitization, mobility, cybersecurity, data management and analysis, and integrated software/hardware.

7. International Experience

Your track record of growing market share and revenue in markets around the world; an understanding of how to drive growth in both mature and emerging markets, as well as regulated and free markets; and insight into the talent needs of diverse geographic markets.

8. Human Capital Management | Executive Compensation

Your track record of experience related to People. Exposure in matters pertaining to governance of key workplace policies (without getting into management and operational matters) — ethics and compliance, prevention of sexual harassment and workplace safety, business conduct, employee engagement and other key metrics. Track record of experience related to Pay for Performance Philosophy. Understanding and experience related to executive base compensation, variable, equity and long term incentive plans are critical. Gender Pay Parity and CEO Median to Employee Pay Ratios are important metrics here.

9. Environmental, Social and Governance

Your track record of experience in the four pillars prescribed by the WEF 1) People: Reflecting a company’s equity and its treatment of employees. Metrics include diversity reporting, wage gaps, and health and safety. 2) Planet: Reflecting a company’s dependencies and impact on the natural environment. Metrics in this pillar include greenhouse gas emissions, land protection, and water use. 3) Prosperity: Reflecting how a company affects the financial well-being of its community. Metrics include employment and wealth generation, taxes paid, and research and development expenses. 4) Principles of governance: Reflecting a company’s purpose, strategy, and accountability. This pillar includes criteria measuring risk and ethical behavior.

10. Government and Public Safety

Your track record of experience in understanding geo political and macro economic indicators of geographies and countries. Exposure to key drivers of economic growth affecting the industry. Public Policy and liaison with the Government in shaping industry and technology direction.

11. CEO and Business Head

Experience as a “Public or Private Company CEO” and a proven track record of excellent executive leadership skills, including hands-on responsibility for strategic and operational planning, financial reporting, compliance, risk management, and talent management, and success in delivering growth strategies. Specific attributes include ability to manage complexity and ethical approach to conducting business.

12. Marketing and Sales

Your track record of growing market share/revenue through innovative marketing and effective selling — a history of building brand awareness and equity, knowledge of how to enhance enterprise reputation and image, an understanding of the voice of the customer and the power of differentiating a brand in a way that is compelling to target customers.

Go ahead and try it out. The offering is optimized to present the best version of you for Board and Executive Roles. Learn from the best instructors.

At theboardiQ, we are in the business of creating inclusive boards and executive teams faster, accurately and economically. Access top talent at the intersectionality of Inclusion | Sustainability | Technology Innovation and Transformation.


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