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theboardiQ Ace Board Readiness Path - Step 2

Self paced, Contextual and Optimized to present the best version of you for Board and Executive Roles

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Step 2 - Optimize by relevance

Based on the insights and self assessment in Step 1, make your own customized self paced board readiness path. The  modules have assessments / quizzes that will help determine your skill enhancement after the relevant training, leading to certification by theboardiQ Academy

Board Composition and Corporate Governance

Your place, your pace, your time

Primary Skill 1

1. Board Composition Expertise - Director Identification & Recruitment; You are highly skilled at identifying, recruiting, and onboarding qualified directors. This involves understanding the company's needs and strategically seeking candidates with diverse backgrounds,

Primary Skill 2

2. Board Composition Expertise - Board Assessment & Succession Planning; You are highly proficient in conducting regular board evaluations to assess performance and identify areas for improvement. This includes developing a robust succession plan ensures a smooth transition when board members reach their term limits or step down.

Primary Skill 3

3. Board Composition Expertise - Diversity and Inclusion; You are a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion on the board. This involves actively seeking directors from various genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds to bring a well-rounded perspective to decision-making.

Primary Skill 4

4. Board Composition Expertise - Board Committee Structure; You have an understanding best practices for board committee structures and their functionalities (e.g., audit, compensation, nominating & governance). May also involve advising on the creation or restructuring of committees to optimize board effectiveness.

Secondary Skill 1

1. Business Ethics and Compliance; Your track record of experience in corporate integrity, conflict of interest, confidentiality and data protection, prevention of bribery, ethical marketing and fair competition, corporate social responsibility — health and safety and fair labour.

Secondary Skill 2

2. Board & Management Relations; You are highly skilled in facilitating a constructive working relationship between the board and management, ensuring clear communication and alignment on strategic goals and governance practices.


Secondary Skill 3

3. Board & Committee Processes: You have knowledge of effective board and committee meeting processes, including agenda setting, materials preparation, and facilitation of productive discussions.


Secondary Skill 4

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