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theboardiQ Hall of fame


The genesis of theboardiQ Hall of Fame began with the clear intent to move the needle in recognizing and shining the spotlight on the best executive talent, helping to raise awareness and increase representation of all slates of Inclusion (Gender | People of Color | Under-represented minorities | LGBTQ+ | Differently abled | Veterans), for Board and Executive Roles in Corporate America. 

Nomination form

theboardiQ Hall of Fame Awards are announced annually in the third / fourth quarter of every year.

Nominations of deserving awardees are received all through the year.

Nominee details

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Award Citation

"Significant Impact on UN’s 17 SDGs and support Zero Emission Goals’ Metrics."


"Gender | Person of Color | Race & Ethnicity | Sexual Orientation | Country of Origin | Differently Abled | Veterans."


"Demonstrated ability in bringing new ideas, technology, products and platforms to market - with business success."

Technology Innovation

"Business Resiliency during geo-political and global environment crisis."


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