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Apollo Tyres


Apollo Tyres Ltd is an international tyre manufacturer and the leading tyre brand in India. It is built around the core principles of creating stakeholder value through reliability in its products and dependability in its relationships.

The company has a total of six manufacturing units -- 4 in India and 1 each in the Netherlands and Hungary. India’s fifth and 7th globally, is coming up in Andhra Pradesh.

The company markets its products under its two global brands – Apollo and Vredestein, and its products are available in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets. The product portfolio of the company includes the entire range of passenger car, SUV, MUV, light truck, truck-bus, two-wheeler, agriculture, industrial, specialty, bicycle and off-the-road tyres, and retreading material and tyres.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, the company has a turnover of US$ 2.3 billion and ranks among the global top 20 tyre makers. Apollo Tyres has been recognized as the ‘Best Company To Work For’ both in Asia and Europe in the recent past, and has won several accolades for its HIV-AIDS awareness and prevention initiative for the trucking and allied communities, and for its Waste Management initiatives in the community.

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Apollo Tyres acquired Reifencom GmbH, one of the largest tyre distributors in Germany, with both online and offline presence.



Acquired the Netherlands-based tyre maker Vredestein Banden B.V. which was later renamed as Apollo Vredestein B.V.

First plant was commissioned in Perambra, Thrissur, Kerala, India



Apollo Tyres Ltd. came into inception in 1972

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Apollo Tyres Sets Goal of $5B in Sales by 2026

Key demographics

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Apollo’s Europe president Benoit Rivallant sets an ambitious target of growing the company’s off-highway tyre (OHT) revenue by 50 % 

Apollo Vredestein North America office is on the 10th floor of a new complex in Midtown, the second largest business district in Atlanta. It is situated between the commercial and financial districts of downtown Atlanta. The facility features both shared and private office space and the company as access to multiple conference rooms, meeting rooms and open lounges.

Off Highway Tyres

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Material handling

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Strategic initiatives

Technology | Innovation

The year saw Apollo making considerable progress in building the strong foundation for accelerated digitalization.Focus has been to leverage the extensive data emanating from production sites to identify and address opportunities to drive productivity increase, waste reduction and improvements in product and process quality. Apollo made serious strides in this journey with the setting up of the data lake and Internet of Things (IoT) capability. During the year, Apollo received the coveted TiSax certification for their European business, which confirms that their information security management system complies with Industry defined security levels.

Apollo also set up a Digital Innovation hub in London, partnering with the reputed Glasgow University and working with it on several PhD programs to solve complex problems around productivity maximization and elimination of waste.


Apollo believes in the importance of technology as a key differentiator in the tyre industry. They continue to make sizable investments in their two global R&D Centers in India and the Netherlands. It is a testimony to the cutting edge research and innovation that their products find pole positions in testings across Europe and the United States. The fiscal was special as they won the National Intellectual Property Award for the year 2020 in the category of ‘Top Indian Company/ Organisation for Designs & Commercialization’, organized by the Indian Intellectual Property Office and Confederation of Indian Industry.


Apollo aspires to be a true ecosystem player. While living this purpose, they realized the need to think out of the box to continue operating sustainably within the Earth!


Enriching and empowering a prosperous society 

The existence of a broad spectrum of stakeholders (Customers, Value Chain Partners, Employees, Communities and Environment* that Apollo operates in) with varied expectations is their biggest propeller towards growth. 

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