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Technology Committee Director

Contextual assessment to reduce unconscious bias - frictionless realtime - quick decision making on candidates


Erica Summer



Samson Smith

Values - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
1. Strategic Thinking

You have some ability to see the big picture and translate technological advancements into long-term strategic advantages for the company.

2. Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

You have some ability to effectively analyze complex technological challenges and proposing innovative solutions. ability to see the big picture and translate technological advancements into long-term strategic advantages for the company.

3. Communication (written & verbal)

You have the ability to clearly and concisely convey technical information to board members, executives, and other stakeholders with varying levels of technical understanding.

4. Business Judgment

You have some ability to make sound business decisions that balance technological advancement with financial responsibility and ethical considerations.

5. Collaboration

You have some ability to work effectively with the CEO, CTO, and other board members to ensure alignment between technology strategy and overall business goals.

6. Active Listening

You have the ability to attentively listening to diverse viewpoints and fostering an environment where all voices are heard, especially regarding potential technological risks or opportunities.

Situational Behavioral Questions - Values - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
Active Listening

Tell me about a time you disagreed with a client's perspective. How did you ensure you understood their needs before offering your own suggestions?

"In my previous role as [Your Job Title] at [Company Name], I was working with a client on [Project Description]. The client was adamant about implementing a specific marketing strategy that focused heavily on [Client's Strategy]. While I understood the potential benefits they envisioned, I was concerned that this approach might not resonate with their target audience, potentially leading to [Explain Potential Consequences].

Here's how I ensured I understood their needs before offering alternative suggestions:

Active Listening: I actively listened to the client's reasoning behind their chosen strategy. I asked clarifying questions to understand their specific goals and target audience demographics.
Data & Research: I presented relevant market research data and competitor analysis to demonstrate potential limitations of their approach and highlight alternative audience preferences.
Collaborative Discussion: I framed the conversation as a collaborative effort. We discussed their desired outcomes and explored various marketing tactics that could achieve those goals while considering my concerns.
Result: By focusing on understanding their needs first, I was able to have a productive conversation. The client appreciated the data and alternative perspectives I presented. We ultimately decided on a modified marketing strategy that incorporated some of their initial ideas while addressing my concerns about audience targeting. This approach ensured a better chance of achieving their desired results."

Skills - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
1. Technology and Systems

You somewhat have a track record of experience in leveraging software technology to solve customer issues, proficiency in commercializing disruptive innovations and developing innovative business models, and knowledge of digitization, mobility, cybersecurity, data management and analysis, and integrated software/hardware.

2. Risk Management and Cybersecurity

You somewhat have a track record of experience in overseeing, managing, and mitigating risks, including cybersecurity, regulatory compliance. intellectual property, and customer management; and an understanding of how to assess and develop strategies to address environmental and social issues.

3. Government and Public Policy

You have a track record of experience in understanding geo political and macro economic indicators of geographies and countries. Exposure to key drivers of economic growth affecting the industry. Public Policy and liaison with the Government in shaping industry and technology direction.

4. Business Ethics and Compliance

You somewhat have a track record of experience in corporate integrity, conflict of interest, confidentiality and data protection, prevention of bribery, ethical marketing and fair competition, corporate social responsibility — health and safety and fair labour.

Situational Behavioral Questions - Skills - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
Data Analysis Analyzes and draws insights from relevant data to identify organizational challenges and opportunities. Uses storytelling to effectively communicate insights and actionable, data-informed recommendations. Tell me about a time you’ve changed a decision because of what the data was telling you. What was your original decision? Why did you change your mind? What was the outcome?

"In my previous role as a [Your Job Title] at [Company Name], we were planning a new marketing campaign to launch a recently developed product. Based on market research and competitor analysis, we initially decided to target a broad audience demographic. We believed this approach would maximize brand awareness and product exposure.

Task: However, as we delved deeper into the customer relationship management (CRM) data and website analytics, a different story emerged. The data revealed a clear pattern: a specific age group with particular interests consistently engaged with our brand and similar products online.

Action: Recognizing this trend, I presented the data insights to the marketing team. We discussed how a more targeted approach focusing on this specific demographic could be more effective in terms of conversion rates and customer acquisition costs.

Result: Based on the data-driven analysis, we decided to adjust our campaign strategy. We tailored the messaging and targeted platforms to resonate with the identified demographic group. The revised campaign resulted in a significant increase in website traffic from our target audience and a higher conversion rate for the new product compared to what we had projected with the broader demographic approach."


15 / 55

Overall Recommendation

2.5 - 3.5 = On hold - evaluate other candidates

I would like to evaluate a few more candidates before proceeding with Erica

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