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Technology Committee Director

Contextual assessment to reduce unconscious bias - frictionless realtime - quick decision making on candidates


Erica Summer



Melanie B

Values - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
1. Strategic Thinking

You have the ability to see the big picture and translate technological advancements into long-term strategic advantages for the company.

2. Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving

You have some ability to effectively analyze complex technological challenges and proposing innovative solutions. ability to see the big picture and translate technological advancements into long-term strategic advantages for the company.

3. Communication (written & verbal)

You have the ability to clearly and concisely convey technical information to board members, executives, and other stakeholders with varying levels of technical understanding.

4. Business Judgment

You have the ability to make sound business decisions that balance technological advancement with financial responsibility and ethical considerations.

5. Collaboration

You have the ability to work effectively with the CEO, CTO, and other board members to ensure alignment between technology strategy and overall business goals.

6. Active Listening

You have the ability to attentively listening to diverse viewpoints and fostering an environment where all voices are heard, especially regarding potential technological risks or opportunities.

Situational Behavioral Questions - Values - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
Business Judgement

Describe a situation where you had to make a decision that was unpopular with some stakeholders. How did you handle the situation and what was the result?

"In my previous role as Technology Director at [Company Name], we were considering a major upgrade to our core data center infrastructure. While some stakeholders, like the server maintenance team, favored a familiar, on-premises solution, it wouldn't meet our growing scalability needs or long-term cost efficiency."

Task: Explain your specific decision and the reasons for its unpopularity.

"I championed migrating to a cloud-based solution. This decision faced resistance from the server maintenance team who were concerned about potential job security and a lack of control over the infrastructure."

Action: Detail the steps you took to address concerns and gain buy-in.

"To manage the situation, I took a multi-pronged approach:

Transparency and Communication: I held open forums to explain the limitations of the on-premises solution and the long-term benefits of the cloud, including increased scalability, security, and cost savings.

Collaboration and Skills Development: I worked with the server maintenance team to identify transferable skills they could leverage in managing the cloud environment. We invested in training programs to equip them with the necessary expertise."

Result: Highlight the outcome of your decision and how it addressed stakeholder concerns.

"The transition to the cloud wasn't without challenges, but by involving stakeholders and addressing their concerns, we achieved a smooth migration. The server maintenance team successfully transitioned into cloud management roles, and the company experienced significant improvements in scalability, security, and overall IT efficiency. This unpopular decision ultimately led to a more robust and future-proof technology infrastructure."

Skills - my assessment of the candidate's abilities
1. Technology and Systems

You have a track record of experience in leveraging software technology to solve customer issues, proficiency in commercializing disruptive innovations and developing innovative business models, and knowledge of digitization, mobility, cybersecurity, data management and analysis, and integrated software/hardware.

2. Risk Management and Cybersecurity

You have a track record of experience in overseeing, managing, and mitigating risks, including cybersecurity, regulatory compliance. intellectual property, and customer management; and an understanding of how to assess and develop strategies to address environmental and social issues.

3. Government and Public Policy

You somewhat have a track record of experience in understanding geo political and macro economic indicators of geographies and countries. Some exposure to key drivers of economic growth affecting the industry. Public Policy and liaison with the Government in shaping industry and technology direction.

4. Business Ethics and Compliance

You have a track record of experience in corporate integrity, conflict of interest, confidentiality and data protection, prevention of bribery, ethical marketing and fair competition, corporate social responsibility — health and safety and fair labour.

Situational Behavioral Questions - Skills - my assessment of the candidate's abilities

Performing analyses on product / platform efficiency and integration.

"In my previous role as [Your Previous Title] at [Previous Company], I was responsible for overseeing the performance and integration of our core e-commerce platform. This platform handled a high volume of transactions and integrations with various third-party services like payment gateways and inventory management systems."

"We were experiencing a surge in user traffic during peak shopping seasons, leading to platform slowdowns and integration errors. These slowdowns resulted in lost sales and a negative customer experience."

Action: Detail the steps you took to analyze and address the challenges:

Data-driven approach: "I initiated a comprehensive analysis of platform performance using various tools like system monitoring software and user behavior analytics. This analysis helped identify bottlenecks causing slowdowns and pinpoint specific integration points experiencing errors."

Collaboration: "I collaborated with my engineering team to analyze the identified bottlenecks and develop solutions. We also worked with the third-party vendors to diagnose and address integration issues."

Prioritization and implementation: "Based on the analysis, we prioritized improvements. This could involve optimizing database queries, scaling server capacity, or implementing caching mechanisms. We also worked with vendors to improve API communication and error handling within integrations."

Result: Highlight the measurable outcome of your actions:

Improved performance: "As a result of our efforts, we achieved a significant improvement in platform performance during peak seasons. We reduced page load times by [percentage] and minimized integration errors by [percentage]. This led to an increase in successful transactions and a more positive customer experience."

Long-term solutions: "Furthermore, we established ongoing monitoring and performance optimization practices to ensure the platform's continued efficiency and scalability."


40 / 55

Overall Recommendation

3.5 - 4.25 = Potential hire - proceed to next step

Erica has the skills and knowledge for the role

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