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Zest for Life

A feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm for life. Living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy.


A "Zest for life" culture can be encouraged in the workplace, in the following ways:

1) Flexible working hours instead of a 40-hour dogma:
Employees can choose their workload quite flexibly. Although they have to review this with the management team in advance, for example, if they want to change from full-time to three-day work. However, in principle, we offer you the option to flexibly adapt your working hours to phases of life.

2) Mobility instead of an attendance recorder:
Whether a mobile office, brainstorming in the park or a workshop in a mountain lodge for several days – we encourage everything. When working for us, no one has to endure 40 hours at their desk.

3) Side job instead of recreational obligation:
Many of our employees pursue a second or third job in addition to their work for us. This is not a problem as long as it is approved by the respective manager and contractually fixed. We see additional jobs as an indication of above-average commitment, strong will and as a sense of responsibility – character traits that we need.

4) Sabbatical instead of dismissal:
If someone needs more than a three week holiday, we can find a solution. A somewhat longer break is always better than losing a valuable employee.

5) Training instead of sacking:
At times of an acute lack of employees, it makes sense to not sack the professionally weaker employees, but instead to support and train them more intensively.

6) Learning instead of routine:
Employees are constantly put into new teams, they are constantly learning and continuing to develop. They also benefit from a large educational and training program:

7) Events instead of newsletters:
Working together requires personal and intense forms of communication. What use is a newsletter full of new directives that no one understands? Workshops, meetings and discussions are always favored. Office doors are always open if you’re passing by.

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