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Be productive and results-oriented

Take productivity of your employees seriously and give them the tools to be productive, keeping the number of processes to a minimum.


"Looking for ways to do “more with the same.""

1. Implement regular stand-up meetings
Encouraging managers to implement regular stand-ups (in person or digitally) can help ensure that projects follow set timelines, bottlenecks are addressed immediately, and frequent communication is normalized.

2. Minimize “busy work”
For leaders, it’s imperative to identify those administrative tasks and find tools that automate workflows and help streamline task management without requiring employees to invest massive amounts of additional time learning new software.

3. Encourage teams to find their own rhythm
Remember, different teams will have different needs. Some will require solid time-blocking to maximize productivity, while others will need more frequent collective brainstorms. Some team members will find their groove when they turn off their devices; others need to be out of the office and check in on mobile.

Helping your managers find their teams’ ideal balance between structure and flexibility, focus and collaboration, as well as process and innovation is the first step toward generating real productivity and developing healthy work efficiency."

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