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Making a difference

To cause a change : to be important in some way. To do something that is important : to do something that helps people or makes the world a better place


Here are 7 ways you can make a difference at work and find fulfillment in being a team player;

1. Appreciate Good Work

Make it a point to praise your peers for a job well done. If your colleague meets a milestone it shouldn’t hurt to say “well done”. After all, who doesn’t like being noticed for a superb effort? Everybody wants to feel valued by their organization, and team members who offer praise are the most appreciated and surely get some in return.

2. Avoid Gossip and Spreading Rumors

Petty gossips and rumors in the office are both divisive and foster an environment of distrust. Don’t participate in water-cooler gossip about fellow employees nor pass along crucial company information that has not been verified as factual by management. If there is anything truth to the rumors, for instance, the potential closure of the company, keep it to yourself until it is announced during a staff meeting.

3. Assist a New Coworker

Remember how stressful the first few days, weeks or months were when you were the new employee? You did not only have to learn how to do your job but also learn your way around the office, meet new people and figure out the office politics. Make your new colleague’s day by helping him find what he needs and feel welcome.

4. Focus on Issues, Not Personalities

As long as you find yourself working with people, it’s likely to not agree with or like someone. This could be your manager, a cubicle neighbor, a vendor or a difficult customer. This can be problematic if every time a disagreement arises, it gets blown out of proportion because your personal feelings override your objectivity. Playing blame games or seeking allies to attack your adversary is also unhealthy and contributes to a hostile environment. Take responsibility for your mistakes, be quick to say sorry and accept apologies from others.

5. Say Thank You

Everyone likes to be appreciated for a kind gesture. Did a coworker help you with a project or even something non-work-related? Be sure to thank him for the kind gesture, and return the kindness in the future.

6. Help Keep the Office Clean

A cluttered work environment can be very distractive to work progress. To allow for new ideas and productivity, take the initiative to help keep the office clean. This will give you a sense of pride and joy in being an employee of your company.

7. Teach a Coworker
Help a coworker learn a new skill, whether it’s a simple trick for doing a regular task or a bigger endeavor. She will appreciate your willingness to help her perform her job better, and the kind gesture will prove to your boss that you’re a team player. Remember, everyone loves to stay happy at the workplace.

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