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The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. "old ties of love and friendship"


Workplace friendships can be particularly controversial when they cross hierarchical lines.

This is because managers may be perceived as giving preferential treatment to line reports whom they’re on friendlier terms with. Don’t limit conversations to email or formal meetings.

Think outside the box and incorporate strategies conducive to a more social atmosphere. For example, take a walking meeting. Walking meetings are part of LinkedIn’s culture, and they are popular because people tend to relax during a walk, allowing for more creativity and innovation. Plus, not having a phone or computer interrupt you every second allows you to be more focused on the person you are talking to and, ultimately, more connected.

Set up team-building events. Opportunities for team building can boost workplace friendship potential. A recent survey found that 46% of respondents preferred after-work drinks once a month as a way to connect and bond with their team. Designating an office breakout area where employees can share workplace meals is another way to create healthy business relationships.

Take an interest in employees’ personal lives. While you may not want to give relationship advice, you should take an interest in your teammates as people. Spend a few minutes during every one-on-one meeting to connect on a personal level. If your colleague always jets out with their yoga mat, ask them about it. Work is only one part of who people are. If you get to know people’s other passions, it may give you a glimpse into what motivates them.

Congratulate, share and like. A simple gesture on social media to show employees you appreciate them can do wonders for employee morale. Think of how great it feels to get a “job well done” email from your boss, and then imagine having the same recognition shared with your network. It feels great to get acknowledged for your hard work, and by sharing that acknowledgment publicly, you also help build your professional brand.

Be mindful of pandemic-induced loneliness. The pandemic created a shift to remote work that may have negatively impacted some employees.

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