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Empower teams and don't micromanage

Absolutely no one likes to be micromanaged. Research from empowerment expert Gretchen Spreitzer (University of Michigan) shows that empowered employees have higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment, which reduces turnover and increases performance and motivation. Also, supervisors who empower are seen as more influential and inspiring by their subordinates.

Everyone wins when you learn to let go.


1) Empowerment at the organizational level

This type of empowerment builds and encourages a company culture of high employee engagement.
Employees across teams and departments are held responsible for their contributions. They receive positive recognition. Teams and departments are encouraged to collaborate to produce their best work.

2) Empowerment at the managerial level

Empowered leaders do not engage in micromanaging or superiority. Instead, they recognize that they can learn as much from their teams as their teams can learn from them. 

They encourage vulnerability, risk-taking, and social connection with and among team members. They clearly and openly communicate their goals and vision so team members have the knowledge and confidence to work towards them.

3) Empowerment at the interpersonal level

Interpersonal empowerment surfaces in workshops and meetings where team members have opportunities to build each other up. 

An example is a “Star of the Week” bulletin board or Slack channel. It is an opportunity for employees to nominate team members to receive positive recognition for their valuable input.

Another example is a weekly idea pitch, where employees can showcase new ideas in front of an audience of managers and executives. 

4) Empowerment at the individual level

Empowered employees feel responsible for their contributions and seek out increased responsibility. They embrace challenging projects. They enjoy developing bold ideas and making crucial decisions that affect individuals throughout the organization.

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