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Be a good coach

You either care about your employees or you don't. There's no gray zone. If you care, then you'll invest time and energy to help your employees become better versions of themselves. That's the first 50 percent of being a good coach.

The other half is knowing you're a facilitator, not a fixer. Ask good questions, don't just give the answers. Expand your coachees' point of view versus giving it to them. Sure, I'm oversimplifying. But not much.


Effective coaching will ensure your team is prepared to achieve the set goals.

The following steps will help you achieve effectiveness in coaching.

1) Decide What You Want to Accomplish
Be clear with what you want your employees to accomplish before you go to them.

Coaching can either be about improvement or training on a new process. Whatever the reason, keep your focus on how the result should look.

Be clear about your expectations with your employees right from the start. Let them have a clear picture of your intended result.

2) Choose the Right Path
Set specific criteria for achieving the set goals and a timeline for the same.

Ensure there is a continuous flow of communication before, during, and after the coaching process.

You can determine the best approach if you know your employees’ skill sets and areas of expertise. In most cases, some employees will require extra instructions on some topics than others.

Don’t forget to inspire your employees as you move towards the desired direction.

3) Stay on Top of the Process
Always come back to check progress and encourage employees. However, avoid micromanaging your staff.

Guide, instruct, and offer encouragement, but give them space and autonomy.

Correct without using a negative tone and keep measuring the employees’ progress against the timeline.

4) Give Feedback
Ensure you give straightforward feedback by:

5) Avoiding being vague
Providing examples where necessary - Being clear on what the employees didn’t do right - Showing them how they could do it differently - Being clear on why it should be done in a certain way - Combine Coaching With Education

6) Lastly, make your coaching effective by combining it with education

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