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Act with integrity

Our integrity is our moral compass, our core belief in doing the right thing. We find purpose and success through our uncompromising commitment toward our customers, partners and each other. We demonstrate candor, trust, respect, authenticity, honesty and accountability in everything we do.


The 7 most common traits that a person with integrity shows: 

1) Expresses gratitude for others
People with integrity recognize that their friends, coworkers, and community make their lives better. They show gratitude by always remembering to say a simple “thank you” when someone helps them out. They might also take the time to write a thoughtful note to a coworker who helped them complete an important project. Or, they may go the extra mile to give their friend a gift when they’ve supported them through a difficult time.

2) Communicates honestly and openly
A person with integrity doesn’t run away from difficult conversations or situations. If they have a conflict with another person, they’re open about it — they don’t hide their feelings only to become resentful later on. They are also honest about their time, abilities, and preferences. No matter the situation, integrity ultimately means your moral principles are more important than your personal comfort — and honesty can be uncomfortable sometimes.

3) Takes responsibility for your actions, good and bad
If you have integrity, it means you’re accountable for your actions — even when you miss the mark. It’s easy to take ownership when you do something well. However, integrity really comes into play when you face failure. If you want to live with integrity and grow personally, you must learn to admit when you make a mistake and then choose to learn from it.

4) Respects yourself and those around you, no matter where you are
You might not think of boundaries when you think of integrity. However, living in integrity means living at peace with yourself and your values — and relationship boundaries, whether it’s with your coworkers or your family, help you do that. For example, if your friend wants to call you during work, but you need to finish a project, you need to set a boundary and call them later.

Integrity also means respecting others’ boundaries. Let’s say your coworker doesn’t want to talk about their dating life. So as a person with integrity, you don’t ask them certain questions. You also need to respect their time, personal values, and their identity — for example, using correct gender pronouns.

5) Helps those in need without sacrificing your own health
This trait goes hand in hand with respecting yourself and others. People with integrity naturally want to help others — but what separates them from most people is their ability to know their own limits. A person with integrity will help others with their time, abilities, and even finances. But they’ll always also prioritize self-care, fueling themselves so that they can stay resilient for years to come.

6) Demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness
Knowing how to build trust is important in all of life, especially when it comes to integrity at work. If you’re a member of a team or organization, people count on you to do what you say you will. If you don’t, there will be consequences for not just you, but everyone around you. Being a reliable and trustworthy person is crucial to living with integrity.

7) Shows patience and flexibility, even when unexpected obstacles show up
People with integrity overcome life’s obstacles with resilience. For example, let’s say they lost their job. They may feel hopeless or frustrated at first. However, a person with integrity would eventually see that this challenge is just another opportunity for growth. With a bit of patience and flexible expectations, they can take positive action.

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