theboardiQ Three Step Process

1. theboardiQ Personal Values Generator

As organizations look at an "inside out" approach to understand your personal intrinsic core values and see how they mesh with the organizational core values, to promote belongingness, inclusion and productivity, unearth yours with theboardiQ Personal Values Generator.

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Personal Values Generator

We will begin the discovery of your personal core values. Be your authentic self and share candid responses.

You might find it helpful at this point to create 2 separate lists – one for work values and one for life values, though there is often an overlap between the two.

1. Tick the most relevant 6 personal core values that resonate and personifies you? (Firstly, go over the list being much more selective and narrow it down to your top six).

Choose your personal core values

2. Thanks for your honesty. Take each of the 6 values identified above and spend some time summarizing what it means to you personally and why it matters. For e.g. if you have chosen creativity, write down what being creative means to you. Does it mean actually making your own work or is it perhaps about being able to come up with new and interesting ideas and approaches to problems at home and in the workplace? Write your definition alongside each value.