theboardiQ Board Profile
Three Step Process

1. theboardiQ Personal Values Generator

As organizations look at an "inside out" approach to understand your personal intrinsic core values and see how they mesh with the organizational core values, to promote belongingness, inclusion and productivity, unearth yours with theboardiQ Personal Values Generator.

2. theboardiQ Personal Elevator Pitch Generator

Ever wondered what are the most interesting and memorable facets of your persona — the ones that really make you stand out from others — that will help you land your dream Board seat? (Check out an example of how a Finance Director landed hers!). Unearth your "secret sauce" with theboardiQ Personal Elevator Pitch Generator

3. theboardiQ Board Profile Generator

There are about 12-13 Board Skills that every Board candidate is evaluated on during the selection process. theboardiQ Board Profile Generator is a first of its kind Board Profile that contextualizes your skills, knowledge, experience, demographic, race and ethnicity profile to find the best fit match for Board Vacancies.