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Pulse Survey

Frequently asked questions

Monday 10th July - Monday 17th July, 2023

1. Why am I being asked to provide inputs?

As someone that works very closely with Abhishek Bisht, you have been identified by him as a critical resource (Boss | Peer or Sub-ordinate) who will provide developmental feedback that will help him achieve his short term coaching goals and longer term organizational and personal success. 

Your feedback will be confidential (individual responses will not be shared) and will be used for developmental purposes only. It will not be used by the organization for performance assessment of the individual

2. How are the questions structured?

The questions are based out of the Apollo Leadership Competency Framework.


Abhishek has chosen 3 areas of focus for his Coaching. You are being asked to assess his current level of competence as well as provide overall developmental feedback in each of these areas chosen by him.

In addition, you may also provide him developmental feedback in the remaining 3 areas of the Apollo Leadership Competencies.

Based on all the collective feedback received from his boss, peers and subordinates, he will re-calibrate his goals, should the need arise.

3. By when do I need to submit my response?

The survey is open between 10th - 17th July, 2023.

4. How long will it take me to complete the form?

It is estimated that you would take 30 minutes to complete the form.

5. Can I make an edit after I submit the form?

No, unfortunately, you cannot edit the form once you submit the form.

6. Can I submit more than one response?

No, you are allowed to submit a single response.

For queries and technical issues, contact

Smitashree Menon, Founder and CEO, theboardiQ

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